Of Finance quizzes and new nieces !!!!

Today had to be the funniest Finance Quiz that I’ve given in my short time spent as a PGP participant. The questions ranged from “The financial markets in which country is known as Bulldog?”. I mean, who cares what the names for financial markets in countries are?

At times I feel that conducting these quizzes simply because of continuous evaluation and the fact that four sessions have passed by is simply diluting the entire learning of the course. And in any case, by now all of us have become extremely competent at guessing when quizzes are and exactly what kind of questions are going to be thrown at us in these quizzes.

I just wish the faculty take up the gauntlet thrown at them and design some challenging quizzes. F*** the grades and look at the learning man, and that way probably both of us, the participant and the faculty will walk out of the course having learnt something at least. This way, the faculty thinks he’s smart by making us cram shitty things like the names of the financial markets in various countries and participants think they’ve outsmarted the faculty by cramming this stupid bullshit and getting decent grades. I mean, for heaven’s sake, where’s the learning?

Another notable thing that happened today is that Junior Nithya popped out into this wonderful world. I’m finally a MAMA, ie, maternal uncle. Nithya in Singapore has given birth to a wonderful girl-child. God bless her, Kumar and the baby with all the joy and happiness in the world. I’m so elated that I just sponsored a Rs 100 party for Team Avon – my study group back here.



2 thoughts on “Of Finance quizzes and new nieces !!!!

  1. Machan, a surprising and casual discovery. Google’la IIM Indore kku search panna, our blogs are listed in firstt two pages. Mine’s second, right next to our INsiti’s web. Konjam adakki vaasikanumnnu nenkiran. Lot of chances that someone would type and stumble upon ours. SHould restrict the cursings and swearings. 🙂 Wot say?

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