Big money !!! Not a priority, yet !!!

Maybe I’ll be stepping on a few toes here when I boldly declare that money is not the be all and the end all of a B School. I know for a fact that most of my batchmates across B Schools all over the world would probably scoff at the very mention of this statement, but then like I told you earlier I’m probably sticking out my neck too far when I make this statement.

When I look around me, I see genuinely talented people who are dying for a decent CGPA simply because of the fact that this is one sure-shot way of getting into a top-notch company which is ultimately going to result in a great sum of money for them in terms of CTC and take-home pay. But then I still cannot help thinking ‘Is this the only reason which drives people to do an MBA at an IIM or at any B School worth its salt?’.

I mean, c’mon guys, isn’t there anything more than money worth living for? Whatever happened to the sheer joy of learning new things, of interacting with the cream of graduate brains in the country, of learning new and better ways of doing mundane things like managing companies, of learning more about yourselves, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Whenever I’ve tried bringing this topic up in informal discussions and dinner-table conversations, everyone around me scoffs at me and dismisses me as a ‘dreamer’ and an idealist, who at the first mention of a lovely five figure CTC would jump up, print his resume, dress up in formals and be present at the Pre-Placement Talk and blindly accept any job that is given to me, as long as the money is good.

As of now, my only focus would be on the learning part. I guess I have enough confidence in myself and my abilities to feel safe that I’ll ultimately end up in a job which utilizes my abilities, my talents and my skills optimally and pays me enough to meet my limited needs materially.

I dunno if tomorrow is gonna change me drastically enough to start lusting for money so much that I’ll take up any good paying job, even if it means doing some shitty work for the rest of my career.


One thought on “Big money !!! Not a priority, yet !!!

  1. I for sure wouldnt have scoffed u for this. Its not a badd thing to chasse grades, but its only badd if u do silly things en route to get it. I mean, copying, pulling other legs for aritime, just-for-the-heck CPs… a lot of people have a get a life around here!

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