Jack Frost has arrived !!!

I guess the winter’s finally arrived here at Indore for good. Man oh man, yesterday (technically early today morning at around 2 AM), there I was as usual strolling down from ‘home’ on the first floor, going to the mess for my usual quota of midnight tea.

I got in there, took my tea and came out of the mess, with honest intentions of not disturbing the unusually large crowd of batchmates with my unnecessary emissions of nicotine tarred smoke. And lo behold, my teeth of all the things started chattering.

Since I’m from Bangalore, the pensioners’ paradise where the temperatures rarely go below a manageable 15 degrees, this was a new phenomenon. I was under the opinion that I would be able to manage the change in temperatures, which might probably go down upto say around 8-7 degrees, but then this incident has seriously made me re-think my strategies for the winter ahead.

First of all, I guess I’ll have to shift from wearing my fave shorts and move into pants, maybe even jeans. As uncomfortable as it sounds, the jeans are probably the only protection I have for my poor weak knees, whose knee-caps are already screaming in the cold back here.

At this juncture, I’d like to start praying for Govar, Arun, Nirmal and Arvind who being the true adventurers they are, are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh of all places during this term break, which commences on December 28th.



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