Red Dragon – one movie not to be missed at any cost !!!

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red-dragon, originally uploaded by Jairam.

“€œMy dear Will,

You must be healed by now, on the outside at least. I hope you are not too ugly.

What a collection of scars you have. Never forget who gave you the best of them all and be grateful. Our scars have the power to remind us of the past.

We live in a primitive time, don’€™t we Will, neither savage nor wise. For this incident, an irrational society will kill me or put me to some use. “

Immortal words from an immortal character!!!. The movie “Red Dragon”€ ends with these words from the immutable Dr Hannibal Lecter.

For someone who has not watched “Silence of the lambs”€ or even read any of the Hannibal series of books by Thomas Harris, I’€™m absolutely enthralled by the character of Dr Lecter.

Now I’m left wondering why he does what he does and what actually goes through his mind. At times he projects this enigmatic persona who is in complete control of what goes on around him, and in the minds of others around him as well. I seriously need to read the book, if not for anything else, to analyse this character in greater detail.

Now I can’€™t wait to get my hands on the actual books themselves and also on the other two movies, ie, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.


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