Of looooong weekends !!!

This has been an awesomely cool weekend by any standards. We started off the term with around 20 odd days of continuous classes, courtesy some placement activity which happened quite early in the term and IRIS 2004 which happened early November.

However, post mid-term that problem of continuous classes has been solved to a great extent. Nowadays, the maximum tranche of continuous classes has only been for 6 days at a stretch.

The icing on the cake was this weekend, when we had Sunday off and today, ie, Tuesday also off. By now we’ve stopped caring as to why we are getting days off, as long as we get them.

However, one minor dampener regarding this relaxed weekend is the impending end-terms. Therefore, most of the batch, instead of partying and having some fun, are sitting in their rooms and cramming away to glory. Plus, the unholy scepter of surprise quizzes always hangs around our neck and ensures that we don’t relax our minds for too long. In any case, am thoroughly enjoying this extended weekend.

Plus, memories of Bangalore are getting fresher. The anticipation of being home in another 15 odd days is just too tempting to forego. Bangalore, here I come!!!!


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