Another quiz to add to my woes !!!

As the old saying goes, ‘when it rains, it pours!!!’. After yesterday’s debacle with the Finance Quiz, it was the turn to be troubled Macroeconomically.

This is one subject where any amount of subjective studying doesn’t seem to help my objectivity in any way. In any case, gut feel suggests that the quiz didn’t go half as bad as it could’ve gone, and usually does.

Continuing with our unending series of ‘near end-term’ quizzes, we have our latest offering, the Marketing Quiz tomorrow which covers the entire portion of 24 sessions. Although the Prof has promised only to test our conceptual understanding of the concepts presented in the Holy Bible, Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, I’m not too excited about the prospects.

God bless all our well branded but poorly marketed souls…….Jamster


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