Birthdays galore

It’s the season of birthdays and true to IIM Indore style of celebrating our good ol’ friends’ birthdays, we (Govar and myself, along with the rest of the gang) ensured that these guys had birthdays that they would remember for quite some time to come.

In chronological order, we had Agnel Bestus, Pradeep Kumar and Nirmal in the past three days. Firstly, Agnel, or Aggie as we fondly call him. Well, since he is our senior, we treated him with the respect he deserved and let his PGP2 mates give him all the painful kicks on his bottom. But then when it came to decorating him with the eggs and the miscellaneous accessories, Govar, Arun, Venkat and myself ensured that he got more than his fair share of stinky stuff.

Moving on to the ever inquisitive Pradeep, or Partner, as we refer to him. The poor guy thought that we would show him some mercy if he informed us about his non-existent aesnopheilia or some such respiratory problem. By now he should’ve realized that even the Gods may shower mercy upon him, but not Govar, Venkat and me. Therefore, we reserved some special treatment for him. We raided his room, and whatever edible or cosmetic stuff that we could lay our hands on went into the cauldron. Then we added a generous dose of cold water and dunked him twice with it.

Tonight was the turn of Nirmal. Although he has been active on the birthday celebrations front for the past two days, we did not cut any corners in planning for his D-Day. I managed to lay my hands on some acrylic colors, white, violet, red, green and yellow to be specific. Imagine all of these colors on his face, mixed with some Head and Shoulders and God knows what!!! And then, some of the girls also pitched in with some well aimed eggs, cold Pepsi and cake and lo behold, Nirmal was bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors. By far the most colorful birthday that I’ve ever seen.

Happy birthday guys………………….Jamster


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