Quite a funny two days

Well, yesterday we had our MAC 2 end terms. The course basically consists of Cost Accounting, a subject which I am quite familiar with considering the fact that I am a Commerce Graduate. But then, it has been quite some time since I ve actually done any kind of costing and therefore, I put in the requisite amount of effort which one would require to do the paper decently. And that is what I precisely did during the 2.5 odd hours that I was in the exam hall.

Today was funnier, coz after yesterday’s exams, most of the engineers in our batch were quite ecstatic seeing the back of costing. We, ie, Ajay, Ashwin, Arvind, Arun and myself decided to have ourselves a small ‘party’ in Ajay’s room with the requisite intoxicants, if you know what I mean. What with the music, ambience, and the fact that most of the songs played were awesome Tamil dance numbers, I effectively ensured that I ended up quite high on some Black Rum with Thums Up.

In any case, getting up in the morning was not half as big as a problem I anticipated it would be, considering the fact that I have not subjected my body to such intoxicants for quite a while. Anyways, got up in the morning, read the Op Man case. Quite a nice case, which involved the launch of the Latitude series of laptops by Dell in early 1994. For the first time in this entire term, I contributed something useful to the class, which I was totally convinced about.

We then had an MIS and a Research Methods class. Now both of these are awesomely boring subjects with awesomely boring Profs. Struggled real hard to keep my eyes open, but then successfully managed to do so.

Expected a Macroeconomics quiz, which (un)fortunately did not materialise. So am gonna crash out right now, and probably do some studying (yes, I said studying) in the evening.

Ciao folks……………..Jamster

PS: In case you are wondering where the ‘funny’ part is in this post, it is the fact that you actually read through this whole thing, that is funny, ha ha ha !!!!!!


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