Amma, I miss you

There are quite a few things which remind me of Amma, but none more so when I’m suffering from a cold the magnitude of which I’m suffering from right now.

But then, she ensured that I was adequately equipped when I set out on my two year long journey into the world of IIM Indore. So here I am in my room, sitting, and periodically digging into my medicine bag and pulling out cocktails of Ayurvedic medicines to get rid of this ‘common cold’.

Man, this is truly irritating. Now, no one clearly knows what causes the common cold. It could be something as silly as not drying your hair properly after bathing, or it could be something as complicated as a mixture of rhinoviruses (that’s what calls the viruses causing common colds) entering your respiratory system. But then the end result pretty much is the same always. Blocked/running noses, red eyes, loss of appetite and a stupid blocked head which doesn’t help you in thinking straight.

Like I mentioned earlier, the old faithful Seethamsu Rasa and Nirocil are going into the system left, right and center. However, one small issue with these medicines is that they convert all the phlegm (the goo for the uninitiated) into crap, which ensures that I’ve become quite a regular visitor to the loo. Although this is irritating at times, I guess it has to be done for the devil to be exorcised.

What I wouldn’t do now for that heady concoction called Thippili Kashayam that Amma makes. That brew has Thulasi, Pepper, Jaggery, and God knows what else. When consumed hot, it provides the best possible relief for a common cold. Amma, I miss you and your Thippili Kashayam desperately now.

Ciao people…………………..Jamster


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