It ain’t over till its over

There are ways to end academic terms, and then there is the IIM Indore way!!! Just when we thought that our lingering doubts about a fifth Macroeconomic Quiz and a sixth Finance Quiz were just those, lingering doubts, as fate would have it, those materialized.

There I was sniffling away to glory, unable to think straight due to the extremely congested state of my throat and nose, trying to prepare for the Macro and Finance quizzes. But then, the cold had its way and I dozed off on my bed, only to have my trusted neighbor, Kishore Kumar come and wake me up and take me to the classroom.

What happened at the exam hall in another story altogether, but suffice to say that I haven’t screwed both quizzes as I could’ve, and hopefully haven’t done too badly either. In any case, am keeping my fingers, and toes crossed for these particular quizzes.

Memories of this term will be incomplete without memories of the entire Summers’ Process and IRIS 2004, our window to the world. I will surely post regarding these two events at leisure, hey after all, I do need something to post about when I’m sitting at home in another 5 days right!!!

Otherwise Term 2 has been hectic with presentations and reports flying around practically everyday. Marketing had an unusually large number of presentations, and Op Man a large number of reports. Throw in a Cost Accounting Project and there we have a complete picture of Term 2. Learning wise, it’s been an awesome term, both academically and in terms of people skills.

I guess I’ve finally found my own during this term. The first was all about adjusting to Hostel life, which is a little tough especially when you are all of 24 yrs old and have never even been to a hostel even as a visitor, let alone as an inmate. In any case, I guess I’m gonna end up missing hostel life when this stint is over with and therefore, must make the most of it as long as I’m here.

Ciao people, and here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year…………..Jamster


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