Exam itenary – Day 1

December 25, 2004

We started off with Marketing which involved us deciding upon which segment Suzuki Samurai (hold on to your guns, not the bike, but the jeep which was launched in India as the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, quite a few years back) had to be launched in the US automobile market in 1985. Since it was an open-book exam, didn’t suffer too much. However, am not too sure about the veracity of my answers. In any case, that is for the Prof to decide.

The afternoon session had Macroeconomics, a nightmare in terms of the number of concepts one had to internalize. Somehow managed to scrape through the entire portions, just before the exams started. Part A consisted of 30 MCQs which in my book are always a game of chance, as there always exists a 25% success rate, which is very good by my standards. Part B was relatively easy, compared to what I was expecting. Even though I actually knew the answers to some questions, I’m quite sure that I’ve beautifully screwed the paper up. Anyways, that’s that.


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