Exam itenary – Day 2

December 26, 2004

The start of Day 2 was nothing quite like expected. We anticipated an Operations Management end-term paper similar to the mid-term paper, but then the Prof had to bowl a googly, the cricket lover that he is!!!

Yes, we did have a case in the paper, but then it was nothing like the mid-terms case. This one was completely about JIT, its implementation, the issues, etc. Further, we had quite a few hard core technical Operations Management questions quite unlike the mid-terms. All in all, was quite a watershed for me.

Moving on to Quantitative Techniques, my “favorite” subject. Post mid-terms, the only thing that we have done in QT is to use this jazzy piece of programming called SPSS. We were given around 8-9 pages of SPSS output and a 2 page case with some facts. We were then asked to analyze the case in its entirety. Awesome fun though to watch the expressions of my fellow participants.

That was Day 2 for you!!!!!

Ciao people………………Jamster


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