Exam itenary – Days 3 and 4

December 27, 2004

Moving on to Day 3 of the necessary evil that we refer to as End-terms, we began on an arbitrary note with Research Methods bugging us for two full hours. The subject itself was not quite understood nor appreciated by us material beings who had everything but research on our minds as a career option. Plus the fact that this paper had a generous dose of Statistical concepts thrown in made it all the more interesting considering the Quantitative Techniques paper that we had answered the previous day. In any case, barely managed to get all the answers in before the allotted time and grabbed some decent lunch.

Post lunch, we had MIS, a subject which was considered cakewalk by all the software techies in our batch. For the rest of us, this was quite literally Greek and Latin. We had no idea as to what the subtle differences between DFDs and ERDs were except for the fact that both involved a whole lot of rectangles, funny shaped arrows, and whatever other geometric figures that one could possibly come up with. In any case, the paper gave us non-techies ample scope to come up with as many creative answers as we could, which we gleefully did.

Only one more to go, the dreaded devil that we refer to as FINANCE.

December 28, 2004

Now this probably was the paper which made us have quite an awesome sleepless night. I don’t think any of the 115 of PGP1 grabbed more than a couple of hours sleep preparing for Fin 1.

And at the end of it all, we were carpet bombed with MCQs in Part A which softened us for the killer blow that the subjective questions, ie, sums that Part B had to offer us.

In any case, most of us had a ‘feel-good’ factor simply because we were going back home after a long, arduous term which involved a helluva lot of presentations, submissions, quizzes, etc.

Bangalore, here I come!!!!!!………………..Jamster


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