Term break update

Here goes my 10 day update of what I did back home at Bangalore, how I spent my New Years’ eve etc.

After a 4-5 hour long grueling wait at the Khandwa Railway station, courtesy the fog scene at Delhi, we, ie, Senthil, Prakash and me finally boarded the homeward bound Karnataka Express on Dec 29th. The train journey was quite uneventful except for a few interesting characters, who invariably turn up at every train journey.

Reached home on Dec 30th and wasted quite some time in the evening, doing nothing except visiting the family doctor to see if a cure for the common cold has been discovered yet. Unfortunately, we can only manage it and not eliminate it fully.

As for New Years’ Eve, spent it at Rice Bowl with a good friend and my cousin. Sober dinner it was this time around. God knows why, but then I guess age has sobered me quite a bit. Although my friend and my cousin did their best to convince me that the best few drinking years of my life are yet to come, but then somehow didn’t feel like going for the booze that particular evening. So there I was, celebrating my first sober New Year in around 3 yrs. Felt weirdly good.

The next day was amazing fun with around 10 of the old college buddies, 2 of my good friends and the ever present cousin of mine going off to dinner at a dhaba near the Jakkur Airfield. Quite some awesome fun with 4 of us guzzling beer like there was no tomorrow. The rest of the guys were having quite some fun at the drinkers’ expense. All in all, some awesome fun both on the way there, at the place itself and also on the way back.

This pretty much accounts for the trip back home, not including all the lazy hours spent back at home. One small regret though is the fact that neither Appa or Amma could spend quality time with me due to the fact that one of Amma’s uncles passed away and she was busy with the funeral. But then, if that’s the way the die rolls, that’s the way it is.



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