The year that went by

January 10, 2004 to January 10, 2005 has been quite eventful, to say the least. After close to a year of sitting at home, helping out my dad with his CA practice, and preparing and writing CAT 2003 twice, I was bang in the middle of a few more entrance exams like IIFT, XAT, FMS, et al in January.

Some good news came on early in the year in the form of two IIM calls, from Indore and Ahmedabad. Was lucky/competent enough to crack the Indore call and make the bus to PGDMdom.

My first time away from home, and my first time in a hostel. Considering the fact that I’ve pretty much lived a quarter of a century, it would suffice to say that the whole hostel experience has been an amazing one. Am still learning the nuances of living in a hostel filled with friends all around me, and each day is an amazing learning experience.

This year probably has been the maximum learning, both in terms of academic/technical skills as well as the soft skills relating to how I behave in a group, how I react to things, and situations. I guess this is why everyone insists that the hostel experience should be made compulsory. In a hostel, everyone needs to grow up in a hurry, else he/she will be found woefully inadequately equipped to handle the troubles and travails of the real world.

Other than the IIM experience, I guess this year didn’t have too much to offer. But then I guess the IIM experience in itself has taught me so much, and will teach me so much that it is kind of unjust to restrict it to this one post. So here’s hoping for many more memories in the years to come………………………Jamster

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