Positive correlation between attention levels and confidence levels

It’s quite amazing what paying a little attention to the Prof in class can do to your confidence levels. Today, probably for the first time or so, I was able to sustain my concentration levels for all three sessions, from 9 AM to 1 PM and boy, did I learn something or what.

I guess the fact that all three sessions were interesting did contribute directly to my concentration levels. I guess this initial ‘zing thing’ that I’ve discovered early in the Third Term should be carried forward for some more time. It might just end up improving my knowledge base.

Wonder of wonders, I was actually able to make some sense of all the betas, significances, the ‘t’ ratios in the Quant Techniques class. And the joke of it all was that I was actually clarifying my neighbor, Manish’s doubts regarding all of the above terms, when he actually is my benefactor in most of the basic Quant stuff that I already know (or pretend that I know).

Maybe it is time for a sweeping change in how I approach academic sessions from now………………….Jamster


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