Group dynamics of Term 3

To continue with the trend of posting my preliminary impressions of Term 3, here goes my latest post.

Term 3 has just become more exciting because of the fact that for the first time since we’ve arrived here at IIM Indore, we’ve actually been given the liberty of choosing our own work groups. So the enterprising guys that Abhishek Maiti and myself are voluntarily dropped out of our extreme comfort zone of Team Avon and started off a parallel work group. End result is that for Marketing 2 and Strategic Planning, we are with a group of whom I hardly know 3 people, know 2 guys decently on a personal level, and there’s Maiti and me. It’s really gonna be an exciting Term in terms of getting to know these people, how they work, how they react to pressure, their group dynamics, whether we are all able to extract quality work out of each other, and end of day, whether the group as a whole gets any kind of decent grades.

It’s been quite a learning experience watching everyone else around me making their own study groups. While most of the people resorted to dumping the social loafers of their groups quite unceremoniously, other groups like Team Avon let the members drop out voluntarily, while others chose their groups purely based on the grades of the various members.

For me personally, this is the time to see if my group dynamics with the new members works as beautifully as it did in the beginning of Term 1 where none of us knew each other at all in Team Avon. To replicate the success of Team Avon would be an awesome challenge, but then since when have I shirked away from a good fight. Here’s looking forward to an awesomely exciting Term 3, in terms of group work.



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