Term 3 – more initial impressions

I’m somehow unable to get over the initial euphoria over the exciting subjects, courses, faculty and the whole Term 3 experience.

For the first time today, even though I went to the class without doing even a word of the prescribed pre-reading for the Finance 2 module, I was actually able to understand and appreciate what the faculty was trying to get across.

I guess part of it has to do with the uncanny ability of the faculty to simplify the underlying concepts to an extremely elementary level. He ensures that all of us in the class completely understand the concept fully well and further, encourages decent levels of relevant class participation. Another impressive aspect of the session is his effective utilization of the 70 minutes allotted to him. He manages to cover almost 95% of the prescribed readings and learnings in the time given to him. His attitude in handling questions which are not necessarily related to the session at hand is also quite impressive.

I had my first brush with Logistics Management and the field seems extremely exciting for starters. Although my discomfort with Linear Programming and the like are again going to be exposed by the Operations Management 2 course, I guess, I’ve learnt to work my way around these small limitations. After all, I’m 1/3rd of my way into PGDMdom.



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