Pongal related memories

Pongal, this is one festival which has real fond memories for me as a child. Ajji, as I used to call my maternal grandmother was an integral part of Pongal and probably is the most memorable part of all my Pongal celebrations when I was a child. She used to wake me up early in the morning, ensure that I had a nice leisurely bath after having applied oil all over my body. And then, we all had to participate in the special pooja that would be conducted at home for Pongal and compulsorily have a bite of the Karumbu (sugarcane).

However, after Ajji passed away somehow the whole festival of Pongal had lost its charm. That is, until I bumped into these awesome characters at IIM Indore. 2005 is probably the first year in the past few years when I’ve actually relived the entire concept of Pongal. Guys like Arun, Bhaski, Ram and the rest of the gang have helped me get the entire spirit of Pongal back.

Add this to the fact that we have two days off from Academic activities due to our Marketing festival par compare – UtsAha 2005 which exactly coincides with Pongal. I have therefore, been able to take a small trip down nostalgia lane and bring back some old memories to life.

Ajji, I miss you lots…………………..Jamster


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