Get out of class, you nincompoop !!!!

If you guys actually notice the exact time that I’m posting this, you’ll realize that I’m supposed to be bang in the middle of the Strategic Planning class right now. So then, what am I doing in my room, sitting and typing this out and posting this on my blog?

The answer is quite simple really. For the first time in my academic life (quite a long one actually), I’ve actually been sent out (quite unceremoniously at that too) by an instructor.

The issue was quite simple actually. I was a ‘pass-through’ entity in the sense that I was an in-between two guys who were passing notes in class. Stupid me, who didn’t have enough experience to follow the eyeballs of the Prof who at that particular instant of time was watching my arm movements from the right to the left, and caught me red-handed in the actual act of passing the note. And the bloody joke is that I don’t even know what was in the note, and whether it was worth the whole episode.

In any case, all I’m taking home from this whole experience is the fact that going forward, I should take into account the attention as well as the visibility span of the Prof when I pass such notes in the future.

End result – another first added to my list of experiences. And what better place to get sent out of class for the first time than a premier B-School of the country.



One thought on “Get out of class, you nincompoop !!!!

  1. koi nahin jammie ……yeh sab toh chalta rahta part is u had this xperience only a few ppl can talk bout …it seems more like an accomplishment;-)adiosrohit

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