Human Resources as a Strategic function

Yesterday when the MHR Prof and the suggested readings were advocating the use of HR as a function of Strategic importance in an organization, I was quite skeptical about the entire concept. It is fine to read lovely theorists like Dave Ulrich speak about integrating HR with the organizational strategy as a whole and the like, but then it is another thing altogether to actually see it happening in any organization.

So there I was sitting in today’s class with some apprehensions regarding this. But then, the prescribed reading for today’s MHR session kind of clarified my apprehensions. It involved the innovative use of HR and recruiting strategies by none other than our own home-bred HLL in view of its changed organizational strategy.

In addition to the excellent reading, the quality of class discussion as well as the valuable inputs from the Prof has actually managed to convince me that yes, HR is of invaluable importance as a strategic function.

Now it is upto us, the future of corporate India to take this entire movement forward and ensure that HR as a function assumes the importance it deserves in the entire scheme of things.

The reading goes on to explain as to how from the 1980s when HLL was the market leader in most of its product categories followed a particular HR strategy of recruiting only from the best B Schools and the cream of engineering and management graduates. They were in a leadership position and only needed to defend the same. However, come the 90s and the new millennium, the market place has changed so dramatically that now ‘Vindy’ Banga of HLL is in the process of doing a major re-think of the recruiting practices of HLL. Nowadays, HLL goes to all the good B Schools and not the IIMs alone. More emphasis is being laid on recruiting people from diverse backgrounds, more women, etc. All of these HR measures ensure that HLL is manned with a workforce which is more than capable of handling the new challenges that the market place throws up every day.


Dilbert-speak: There is a gigantic grey area between good moral behavior and outright felonious activities. That zone is called the Weasel Zone. More details regarding this zone shall follow in future posts.


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