Freak incident in the classroom

An amazingly freaky incident happened in class today. First hour, 9 AM, the Prof for Development in Indian and World Economy walks in for his first session with our batch. After the mandatory introduction of himself, he goes on to lay down some ground rules regarding the group work, what the course is all about and blah, blah, blah.

Cut to Scene Two, he is standing there in front of class, silently looking down at his feet. We assume he is planning and gathering his thoughts as regards what he’s gonna tell us next. He suddenly mumbles something about not being able to see properly. At first, we don’t even pay any attention to him. When this scene continues for around a minute more, some of us start paying some serious attention to his condition.

The Class Rep then walks up to him and tells him that it is OK if he’s not keeping too well and that we can re-schedule his session. He confirms that he would like that to happen. After that, he gets up and begins to leave the class, when he stumbles. That’s probably when we realize that gravity of the situation.

Once the entire hullabaloo was settled, we realize that the Prof had a mild attack of low blood pressure coupled with low blood sugar levels. Wow, and he’s only 29 yrs old. No wonder the entire medical fraternity keeps warning us about diabetes and hypertension. Guess both of these dreaded conditions are part and parcel of today’s life.

I wonder what it would take to keep these two stupid things out of my life forever. Any suggestions or comments can please be posted either at the comments link at the bottom or in the Shout Box to the right.


Dilbert-speak: As a Weasel, whenever you are put in charge of training a new recruit, you always make it a point to leave out those critical parts of the process or vital information during the training. Ideally you would want your trainee to make an embarrassing and costly mistake right in the beginning, so that people will long for the good old days of you.


2 thoughts on “Freak incident in the classroom

  1. If your question is serious, then the answer is to exercise. Well, I am not referring to the body purging activity mentioned in another post of yours. I doubt its results. Regular exercise is what I would suggest for a disease-free life

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