Body purging anyone ??

Well, the resident Santa Claus of IIM Indore, SP, a friend from PGP2 seems to have started a new fad on campus right now. Like the description sez, SP looks nothing short of the original Santa in terms of bulk and size of shadow cast during afternoons.

Since, he’s suffering from the luxury of having too much time and too little to do, he went on this ‘body-purging’ spree last week. For the uninitiated, which I was a few hours ago, body purge apparently involves living only on natural foods such as fruits, raw vegetables, fruit juices, vegetable extracts, etc for 7 straight days. No eating anything else in between meals, no coffee, no tea, no nothing during this period. SP supposedly has lost around 5 kgs in 7 days. Although he looks fitter, I seriously doubt the 5 kg reduction part.

In any case, the bigger issue here is that SP seems to have started a trend. There are rumors flying around that 25 others from PGP2 are starting their stint at body purging sometime next week. Hearing all this, and being the gullible ass that he is, Venkat has also committed himself, at least verbally, to this entire exercise.

Although I’m a little skeptical about this whole thing, I’m willing to accept that maybe there are a few benefits to this thing, but then, I’ve heard horror stories of what happens to people who go on crash diets, which is what this thing suspiciously sounds like. Anyways, Venky, all the best dood. Am cheering for you.


Dilbert-speak: For every task that you plan to do, it’s a good idea to have sixty tasks that you’ve promised to do later if you ever find the time. It gives everyone the impression that you are valiantly battling an avalanche of work and fighting against long odds to make the company successful.


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