It’s party time folks!!!

The mood to party seems to have descended big time on the hillock of IIM Indore. Now that there’s hardly any time that we have to have the whole 193 sprawling acres of the entire campus entirely to ourselves, we kind of decided to make the PGP2 batch feel a little nostalgic. Therefore, we are throwing them a party the likes of which they probably wouldn’t have seen anytime in the recent past.

Preparations are on at full swing. Food has been arranged from an external restaurant, the Silver Oak, which has quite a reputation back here at campus as being among the better restaurants that the city of Indore has to offer. Booze, as usual shall flow like the legendary river which never runs dry (actually found in Bossea, Italy).

But the bigger picture is that this probably is among the last few occasions when both the batches get together as a whole and have a blast. Therefore, this party assumes quite a bit of significance.


Dilbert-speak: The great thing about the ‘long run’ is that it is someone else’s problem, especially when it comes to things like corporate disaster-recovery planning.

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