Lack of sleep

Although my sleep patterns at IIM Indore are well documented, here they go for the benefit of those who are unaware of the same:

1400 hrs to 1700 hrs – This gets changed to 1545 hrs to 1700 hrs in case there is a quiz in the afternoon.

0300 hrs to 0745 hrs – This happens irrespective of whatever submission I have, whatever end-terms I have.

The only reason that I put this in this post is to figure out where I went wrong yesterday. Around 1400 hrs yesterday, Arvind comes up to my room asking for directions to the closest barber. I dunno what came over me and I accompanied him to the barber, which involved a walk in the warm sun for around 25 odd minutes, one way. Add another 45 minutes of waiting, and lo behold, around 2 hrs of my precious sleep went for a toss. Had a nice shower after that nice walk, and the time was around 1600 hrs. Somehow didn’t want to sleep after that and therefore, went to Arun’s room and saw Madhavan in “Run”. This is one movie with an amazing screenplay and extremely fast pace.

The evening was spent as usual bullshitting with friends and other such useless trivial pursuits. Came back to my room at around 1900 hrs and was feeling like shit due to the lack of sleep. There I was sitting in my room trying to read some old issues of Businessworld which have been lying in my room for some weeks now, and suddenly I find myself drooping all over the magazine. So I caught some winks then.

Get up at around 2030 hrs to find Arun in my room shaking me awake to go down and have the special buffet dinner from Silver Oak in honor of the outgoing PGP2 batch. Dinner was quite decent, although nothing to write home about. Came back and saw “Anbe Sivam”, an awesome Kamal Hassan movie, which somehow didn’t click with the audiences back home.

Once the movie was done, it was party time. Although I went down only to see others dance and listen to the music, soon I found myself getting down and dirty with the rest of the crowd on the dance floor. However, it was nothing like those Andersen parties where I’ve boozed so much and had so much fun that I’ve completely lost myself to the music back in those days. Nevertheless, this party also was quite some fun.

Came back to my room at only around 0345 hrs and for some weird reason, surfed the net till around 0445 hrs and slept only then. Man, my sleep pattern went for a royal toss yesterday. Guess it is time to sleep now to bring it back to some sane levels.


Dilbert-speak: Have you ever noticed that the word ‘complying’ has the component of ‘lying’ built into it. Given a choice between complying with a ridiculous policy and pretending to comply, weasels will do whichever is easiest.


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