Guilty, as charged

I really doubt it if any of us can truly say that we haven’t committed any mistakes in our lives at all. According to me, all of us have at some point or the other committed either silly errors or grave mistakes. But then, I believe that if a person owns up to his mistake, he should at least be granted some leeway in terms of responsibility.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating a system where any mistake is condoned simply because of the fact that the person involved owns up to the mistake. All I’m trying to say is that if a person genuinely feels sorry for what he has said or done, he should at least be given a patient hearing.

Something silly like misappropriating a small amount of money today and getting away with it might just give a person enough confidence to try something bolder tomorrow. While such mistakes should be nipped in the bud, if possible, one should try and figure out why a person did what he did.

There could be various reasons as to why people steal others’ things. It could be pure simple jealousy, in terms of having a better thing than what you have. It could be because the other person is making such a show of whatever he has and you don’t that you steal his thing just to make a point. There could be various other reasons. My point is that such silly errors of judgment could probably be forgiven provided they are not systemic in the nature of the wrong-doer.

However, I still believe that every person should pay for his mistakes, big or small. And I strongly believe that God/Karma/fate (as per one’s belief systems) gives back what you give unto others. Invariably some day down the line, you’ll live to regret all the mistakes that you have committed and cannot undo. Life has its own way of giving back to you, all the wrongs that you’ve committed to others. Therefore, my sincere advice is to beware before you even think of wronging someone. Life always gives back what you give to others.

Don’t worry folks. My blog is not going to become a place where I let such stupid posts clog up the space. This is probably a one-off post where I’ve let out some of my frustrations. Hopefully, all of you’ll come back for some more fun stuff tomorrow.


Dilbert-speak: You don’t need to choose between ignorance and confusion. The two can be woven together to form a beautiful protective weasel tapestry. These powerful methods won’t necessarily prove your innocence, but they might create “weasenable doubt” and that is good enough.


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