Democracy rocks !!!

Most of us youngsters take so many things in our lives for granted, for eg, the freedom of speech, of expression, of movement, of assembling, of protesting whatever we dislike. But, have we stopped for a moment and wondered where all this freedom comes to us from.

Let me be honest, today was probably the first Republic Day that I gave it some serious thought myself. We were given a small card which contained the preamble of the Constitution and were asked to read it out aloud. As I was reading it aloud, I realized that today was the first time that I probably actually completely understood it. I was finally fully able to appreciate what our leaders had envisaged when they made India a democratic republic, rather than any other form of governance.

Truly speaking a democracy is probably the only method where every citizen has a right to be heard and a right to voice his opinions. Of course, like every other form of government, democracy too has its own share of problems, but then its merits far outweigh its shortcomings.

Although I would be the first to agree that the levels of development would probably have been much higher had our colonial rulers stayed a bit longer, I seriously doubt it if I would’ve been able to post all my thoughts on a blog if they were around till now. And the kind of person that I am, somebody who doesn’t hesitate even for a moment before speaking out what’s on his mind, I would probably have been in some serious trouble back then.

Now I finally realize how lucky I am to have been born in a day and age where the freedom of expression exists.


Dilbert-speak: You might have noticed that tasks have a tendency to ‘manage themselves’. By that I mean that you can ignore almost everything that is asked of you and in the long run, it really won’t matter.


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