Return of an old enemy

Today an old enemy decided to confront me again. There I was sitting in class expecting a run-of-the-mill Operations Management session, but then the Research Associate (quite a cute one at that too) enters the class along with the Prof and announces that we’ll have a 12 minute quiz.

Initially I was quite OK with the quiz considering that Operations Management III so far has been only ‘global’ kind of stuff involving Logistics Management, Transportation, etc., but then old enemies have this weird way of resurfacing when you least expect them.

Once I got the paper in my hand I realized that 10 out of the 16 marks allocated for this quiz involved a hardcore long Linear Programming problem. Now, if you guys have been following my posts for the past 7 months, you would remember that my problems with this animal called LPP have been well documented.

I therefore, bullshitted some crap LP function in the paper and have immediately started praying coz only divine intervention can assure me of any kind of marks in this quiz.


Dilbert-speak: The following are the combinations of various excuses and the time they will buy you in terms of tasks to be done. Reorganisation – one year, Lost the paperwork – one month, Illness – one week, In meetings – one day. The best strategy is to use these excuses, starting with the lengthiest one first.


One thought on “Return of an old enemy

  1. Tell you wha? Yeah, Ive been following ur blog since time immorial :), and I think you r getting paranoic and develoinng a mental block abt LPP. The problem todady was certainly an easy one. And I think we gotta really try to do atleast thesee probs coz it could come in handy later. 🙂 Wot say?

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