Biz Quiz update

As usual, Pasha, as Prashant Shah is known up here on the hill, showed his professionalism to the core. The quiz although started a few minutes late due to non-availability of participants, was conducted extremely professionally.

The fact that he didn’t have any of those messy audio or visual rounds added to the quiz finishing off in two hours flat. All the questions were eminently guessable. None of them were so vague that people wouldn’t have even have imagined of the answers.

The questions covered a broad gamut of business affairs, personalities, stock markets, brands, ad-lines, etc. All in all, a good quizzing experience.

Yours truly couldn’t make it beyond the preliminaries, but then kept scores for the finals. The Rs of PGP2 won the quiz with our usual fare of Ajay, Ashwin and Uddu of PGP1 coming in second.


Dilbert-speak: When you work for a big company, the only way to succeed is by begging dozens of people to do the one thing they hate above all else, ie, their jobs.


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