It’s raining quizzes!!!

Well, like the title sez it’s quite literally raining quizzes up here at the lone hill of IIM Indore. Ever since Ashwin has taken over as the Quiz Club secretary, his one-point agenda has been to conduct as many quizzes as is operationally possible. And further, he’s made sure that it is operationally possible to conduct a good number of quizzes.

It could hardly have been a week since the last quiz, The Lone Wolf was conducted and lo and behold, Ashwin decides that it is time for the next assortment of challenges to the grey cells. Today he’s scheduled the Biz Quiz.

As usual and as promised, Ashwin has lined up a sizeable amount of prize money and if previous standards of quizzing are anything to go by, this one promises to be a cracker of a quiz. The quizmaster for the night, Prashant Shah a.k.a. Pasha, is known for his intellectual pursuits and his voracious reading reputation. Therefore, I’m quite sure that he’ll make the winners work for their money.

God bless the Quiz Club and god bless quizzing. Wish me luck people.


Dilbert-speak: A great weasel method of making people go away forever is saying, “I’ll find that information and get back to you.” It’s best if you make that promise while you’re looking distracted.


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