Ms Joyce, you’ve just been appointed

It’s been quite an uneventful day except for a good case in Managing Human Resources. Well, the pre-readings for tomorrow’s MHR session included the reliability and the validity of recruitment processes conducted by organizations. It talked about how the processes must ensure a proper fit between organization culture and the prospective candidate.

It also went on to elaborate on how these processes should be designed to separate the chaff from the rice, in terms of how to eliminate bad candidates and keep the good candidates in the running for jobs in an organization. Basically, the reading dealt with the various recruitment processes, their pros and cons, and the situations they should be used for.

The case itself was about the choice of a Plant Manager for a factory. The Job Description, a brief profile of the various candidates and their interview and psychometric scores were provided to us. Although I started off the case just like any other, on a lack-lustre note, it turned out to be a good discussion with Kaushik, my group mate with whom I was supposed to churn out the presentation for tomorrow’s session. After close to an hour’s deliberation, we arrived at the conclusion that Ms Kathy Joyce was the appropriate choice for the post of the Plant Manager at Pittsburgh.

An evening well spent in the selection of an appropriate Plant Manager.


Dilbert-speak: Work is for losers. A winner says “That’s on my list” and never ever commits to a deadline.


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