Have you ever been this busy ?

Whoa, all of a sudden, there’s just too much stuff happening all around me. First of all there was this MHR presentation in class that I was talking about yesterday. And as per our Prof’s totally random selection of numbers, one member of Team Avon was selected, which effectively meant that our group had to make the presentation. And although I’d like to think that our presentation went off pretty well, our tentative grades for the same which were released today evening don’t seem to suggest so. At least three of my group members felt that I was a little too aggressive with my answering of questions, especially to questions posed by one twerp in the class. In any case, take-homes from this presentation is that I should be more accommodating to others’ viewpoints, however irritating, and stupid they might be.

In the afternoon, we had a ‘surprise’ Fin quiz, which was quite expected considering that 8 sessions are over and we have a comprehensive quiz on those sessions the day-after-tomorrow. So around an hour of my precious afternoon nap was wasted on last minute cramming of NPVs, Betas and such shit.

After the quiz, I was just about to catch some shut-eye when Senthil decides to drop in and remind me that tomorrow was the deadline to submit the Roadmap for the Orgn Analysis project, and we still had to speak to the Manager of the bank where we proposed to do this project. So then, there I was sitting behind on him on a CBZ zooming away into Indore city to make the rounds of the bank. What was supposed to be one branch of a bank turned into two branches of one bank and an entirely new bank, with some Dosas thrown in for good measure. Finally, we pretty much decided that we’ll do it one bank, with or without the bank manager’s permission. We’ll just have to wait and watch whether that will be possible. In any case, around 2.5 hours of good work has gone into the preparation of a roadmap which has also been submitted, close to 15 hrs before the deadline.

After all that, I realized that there are two MHR sessions tomorrow, which effectively means that there are two cases to be read, two presentations to be made and internalized, all before I go to sleep. Then, that was also done. And now here I am typing this out just before I finally get some shut-eye for today. Now, if this isn’t a busy day, what is !!!!


Dilbert-speak: People who have children have the best work-avoidance excuses in the world. If you don’t have kids, get some immediately. The playgrounds are full of them. Although they come with some baggage, there is no better excuse for missing work.


One thought on “Have you ever been this busy ?

  1. lol.. all IIMs are so similar.. surprise quizzes, random cold-calling by the profs, heavy work-load blah blah blah :)your blog makes a great reading too.You guys should have come for our Cul fest “Unmaad”. Had a ball.Jam on… :)-Kima

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