Back to winning ways

Looks like I just can’t keep myself out of the quizzing scene up here on the hill for a substantial period of time. Today, after a brief hiatus of around a week or so, we had one of Ashwin’s famous General Quizzes, this time called Illuminati, for reasons best known to him.

Well, as luck would have it, Venky, Rohan and me qualified to the finals after quite a torrid preliminary round where we managed to get only 6 questions out of 25 correctly. In any case, we were among the 6 best teams of the day and that was that.

In the finals, Venky was his usual nervous self and Rohan his usual cool, calm and collected self. As for me, I was in the learning mode, as usual. We didn’t start off very well, pretty soon settling down into a consistent fourth place for the first few rounds.

But then, I constantly kept calming down Venky telling him that historically I’ve always come back in all of Ashwin’s quizzes towards the end, and that’s exactly what happened. We ended up cracking a few questions and some half-answers also managed to land us in third place finally. A win, after quite some time.

But the important part is that the winners of this quiz, ie, the first, second and the third placed teams go on to Nihilanth, the inter-IIM-IIT quiz which is being hosted by IIT Delhi this year round. Nihilanth was the brain-child of IIM Indore last year, but then for whatever reasons, it was delayed by quite a few months and is being held in March this year. So am looking forward to the trip to Delhi to do some quality quizzing.


Dilbert-speak: One should never get too exotic with misinformation. Always stick with the basics such as (i) costs too much (ii) lawsuits (iii) safety hazard (iv) physically impossible.


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