Great movies, after quite some time

Two awesome movies in the space of three days is just too much to take. The first one was The Butterfly Effect, a recently released movie. The movie deals with well, I guess it’s better said in the words of the producer on the official web-site –

We all have moments when we wish we could change something. Right a wrong. Correct a mistake. Gain love – or power. What if we really could?

The movie is based on the famous Chaos Theory and goes by the famous ‘butterfly effect’ which states that ‘the flapping of a butterfly’s wings could possibly have the effect of causing a tornado in any other part of the world.’ An amazingly interesting and thought provoking concept and the movie completely lives upto its name.

Ashton Kutcher (of The 70s Show fame) turns up quite a good performance, considering the fact that he’s always the stupid geek in the TV show and in his other movies such as “Dude, where’s my car?”. He does ample justice to his role in the movie.

The second movie was Cidade de Deus (City of God), the story of a young kid growing up in the infamous City of God ghetto of Rio De Janeiro. This is based on a true story wherein he goes on to explain the true story of the people who live here far from the glitz and glamour that we normally see on TV. The story is of a kid wanting to become a photographer, his run ins with the various drug running gangs and more stuff like that. One of the good movies that I’ve actually seen. You could click here to visit the official site of the movie.


Dilbert-speak: Your boss wants to get as much work out of you as possible while maintaining a plausible reason for denying you a healthy and life affirming raise. In contrast to that, you want objectives that could be accomplished by a squirrel in a coma.

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