Night out ???

Yesterday night was a funny one to say the least. What started off at around 12 PM as a simple birthday celebration of one of the most popular guys of the batch, PG, ended up being a water fight of enormous proportions. What with the fight being started among the PGP2 guys, and spilling over (pun intended) to the PGP1 guys and then ending up as a inter-PGP water fight. The water continued to splash till around 1.45 AM.

I thought I would get in a minimal amount of cramming for today’s DIWE quiz when good ol’ Bhaski comes around knocking on the door, and tells me that the regular movie show which was supposed to start at 12 PM had been re-scheduled to 2 AM. Considering the fact that he leaves campus in 10 days time, I obliged.

So there we were, Arun, Bhaski and me in D-111 sitting and watching Good Will Hunting. Now this is one movie which I’ve seen before and have absolutely enjoyed it. However, this was a ‘repeat-movie’ in terms of the storyline, the way it has been narrated and the actors, Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Minnie Driver.

The movie got over at around 4.15 AM, which is when I decide that there is no way that I’ll be able to get up in the morning and have my bath. Therefore, I take a quick hot shower and then drop off to sleep.

As for the DIWE quiz, it was more of a GK quiz with questions ranging from “Who is the Commerce Minister of India?” to “What is the currency of Switzerland?”. Absolutely hilarious to say the least.


Dilbert-speak: You’ll never be held accountable for things that you can control, such as your effort and your dedication to the job. You will be accountable for the outcome of your efforts. And outcomes depend mostly on the screwups of others.


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