Makkals Night out

Well yesterday we decided that it was time to give it back to the seniors what they’ve been giving us all along these 7 months that we’ve known them.

And therefore, all of us PGP1 Tam Makkals took out the PGP2 Tam Makkals. The venue was The Rajshahi Palace somewhere near the Chappan Market area of Indore. Although none of us had actually been to the place before, we had heard rave reviews of the place. And true to the reviews the place, its ambience, the food and everything else about the place was quite good.

As for the ride back, the Khandwa By-pass never fails to amaze me. At 12AM in the morning, sitting behind Bhaski on his Splendor, the light warm breeze in my air, simply awesome. Once we got back, did some miniscule amount of work on QT 3 and got down to the nittie-gritties of watching movies. Saw most of Kaaka Kaaka before sleep took over and I dozed away through the climax of the movie. But then, since I’d already seen the movie like a dozen times before, didn’t miss much.


Dilbert-speak: At the end of your project, you’ll need customers who are too dumb to know that they’re buying. Realistically, any new product or process is hideously flawed. So in the beginning, you need customers who against all reason, don’t seem to mind paying for defective products.


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