Valentine’s Day 2005

Here goes my account of how I spent Valentine’s Day 2005. As I understand it this is one day where you spend sometime with the people you really love. Now I am of the opinion that love is an extremely narrowly defined concept to include only love between members of the opposite sex which ultimately ends up as a long term relationship, if you know what I mean.

I however, call lots of things love. I call friendship love, I call companionship love, I call bonding of any sort love. Going on with this concept I spent the second half of the day with two very good friends of mine, Arun and Bhasky. Considering the fact that Bhasky is going to be out of this lovely campus in another 5 days time, I guess this was probably my last outing with him.

We watched Page 3 in the famous multiplex in town, Velocity. Although the movie was nothing to write home about, it was thought-provoking in a weird sort of way. My take-away from the movie was the fact that to change the way the system works, one has to be in the system first. Another key take-away was the fact that if individuals want to change, they’ll do so themselves, in spite of any efforts put in by others, for or against such a change.

That was it for Valentine’s Day 2005, which by the way ended with the three of us signing off with a sumptuous dinner.


Dilbert-speak: Weasels have an uncanny knack of getting sick for exactly the number of days their companies allow as sick days per year. “Sick” is a highly subjective concept. If you’re a normal human there’s almost always something wrong with you. And like fine wine, sick day excuses get better by the day.


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