Oriental vs Occidental mindsets

Today in our Managing Human Resources class the Prof came up with an interesting point which we discussed to some lengths.

The point that he was trying to make is the difference in the mindsets of Indian expatriates vis-à-vis, those of expatriates from other countries. What he was trying to tell us is the fact that even when Indians go out for short/medium term assignments abroad, they go there with the mindset that they can save quite a bit of the per diem allowance. How they actually do is the funny part. They reach, say the US, mingle mostly with Indians, room up with around 6 other Indians who are also there on similar projects. They eat together, sleep together, and generally do the same things. They make absolutely no attempt to en-culture themselves, ie, mingle with the Americans, understand their culture, live their lifestyle. And this most of the time is done deliberately.

Whereas the Europeans or Americans, when they come down to India on similar assignments, try and live the life of an Indian. Their mindset is to make the most of the Indian experience. You’ll find them backpacking across the country, sitting in crowded trains and buses, eating in roadside dhabas, sipping chai at small nondescript shops by the highways, etc. In general, they try and make sure that they try to understand the pot-pourri that India generally is.

From the above, one can clearly see the contrast between the ‘save as much as you can’ mentality of the Indian expatriate versus the ‘experience as much as you can’ mentality of the Caucasians. According to the Prof, this probably is due to the fact that most Indians and Oriental approach life with an Oriental mindset which makes them save as many dollars as they can, in contrast with the Occidental mindset of others which makes them take the risks they do in trying to enculture themselves in India. Quite interesting thoughts, I must say.

What say you guys………………….Jamster

Dilbert-speak: One mistake that rookie weasels make is to use the same sickness excuse too many times. It’s easy to forget what excuse you already used. I recommend taking your fake illnesses in alphabetical order, ie, Appendicitis, Bronchitis, Cholera………


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