Impending mid-term exams

The past two or three days have just gone by in a whirry sort of way. What with the seniors leaving the campus one by one, and two important quizzes coupled with mid-terms which just begin in a few hours from now.

Today was a weird experiment with timings which seemed to have worked out well. I wasted some time, spending close to two prime time hours with seniors who are about to leave in about an hour’s time. Bhasky, Ram, Arun and me went out and had dinner yesterday night. In spite of repeated warnings by both Bhasky and Ram, with regard to the impending Finance 2 mid terms, I risked it and spent close to two odd hours with them. After all, friends like them are hard to come by and more so, spending any kind of quality time with them is purely dependent on where I end up a year from now, and where they actually are. So once I came back to my room after dinner at around 11 PM, I studied some Fin for around an hour before it struck me “Why don’t I sleep for 3 hrs from now, get up and then study again?”. Although this idea had been tried before, I never could get up in time. This time around I convinced Dandu to wake me up at any cost at 3 AM. Therefore, here I am, at 5 AM in the morning, after having done some sort of studying for 2 hrs, sitting and typing this. Now if this turns out OK, I guess I’ll be trying this out for the rest of the mid-terms.

Otherwise, life has been pretty boring for the past two odd days.


Dilbert-speak: Weasels often try to “gradually shift” from whatever job they don’t like into work that is more pleasant. Weasels who are gradually shifting to other jobs are difficult to fire because they are doing work – just not the work they were actually hired to do.


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