Fin-nished for the day

Finnished is the only word to describe how most of PGP1 felt today after our Finance 2 mid terms. Although most of us had burnt the quintessential midnight oil preparing for them, no amount of hard work in the world could’ve prepared us for the debacle that laid ahead.

Some awesome sums which probably could find their way into any world renowned case clearing houses, for eg, The European Case Clearing Houses, some more sums which looked more like Workbook exercises for Microsoft Excel and lo behold, we had our mid term paper.

I managed to attempt a whopping 20 marks out of the allotted quota of 80, and going by my usual success rate of 45%-50%, ah well, you guys do the math. I’m just too bored to deal with numbers any more today.

As regards farting my way to glory, the Managing Human Resources paper just managed to bring out the best in me. I read the take-home case only around an hour before the exam actually began. Following a cursory discussion regarding the case with a few good buddies of mine, off I went on my journey to Human Resource-dom. Gloriously gave all my suggestions in the case and came out of the room smiling away to heaven come.

Got one day of classes before the torture persists. Managing Information Technology beckons on Wednesday.


Dilbert-speak: The key to the gradual shift strategy is not asking permission. The weasel simply does a little less of the job for which he’s paid and a little more of the job that’s pleasant, ideally a new job that exists only in the weasel’s mind. This way he isn’t stepping on any toes. And because it’s gradual, his boss has lots of time to get used to it.


One thought on “Fin-nished for the day

  1. He he. Dont worry, ull havee a lotta company. Someone was saying the marks are going to be normally distributed with 15 as median and 5, 25 as bboundaries. 🙂

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