Finance to the Finnish, but then who gets the rest?

Now that it’s been decided for good that Finance 2 is only for the Finnish (people from Finland, for the uninitiated), I plan to focus all my energies(or whatever is left of them) on Operations Management, Quantitative Techniques and Information Technology, not necessarily in that order though.

Today is going to be a big day in terms of a colossal closed book exam of Managing Information Technology. This course boasts of a content which Computer Science Engineers and the techie nerds of the world take close to 4 odd years to complete. And we poor wannabe management post-graduates are expected to pick up most of these skills in 24 sessions flat!!! I tell you it’s a cruel, cruel world out there. In any case, I’ve yet to touch the MIT book since I’ve been obsessed with studying Op Man and Quant. However, as usual, haven’t actually been able to get substantial portions of either inside me.

By now, the only things inside of me (other than dinner of course) are one cuppa chai and half a packet of Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia (ahhh, the taste still lingers on). Seriously speaking, it looks like all my plans of spending a quality night with myself and the books are going down the drain. One of my batchies just sent a mail reminding us that the UEFA Champions League has reached the play-off stages and the first few matches are on in another 5 mins time. So off I go to catch up with some awesome soccer action. Viva la Europa!!!


Dilbert-speak: The gradual shift strategy depends on having a boss who doesn’t like confrontation. The weasel must control his rate of gradual shift so that it is slightly below the level that would make a busy boss want to think about it.


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