The pain persists !!!

It’s like this pimple which just refuses to disappear off your face, it’s like this boil which refuses to heal, it’s like dandruff which refuses to disappear irrespective of whatever shampoo you use, it’s like this rat which refuses to eat the juicy masala vada in the rat trap, it’s like the cold wind which chills you in places which you never knew existed in your body, it’s like common cold, you never know from where you could contract it, it’s like this ringing sound in your ears which refuses to quieten down, it’s like watching Beavis and Butthead with their irritating laughter which never stops………

I could go on and on with this. Just in case, you guys are wondering what I’m referring to, I’m referring to Operations Management. Just when I thought the pain was over and this was probably the last time I would be exposed to the unavoidable pain that is OM, lo and behold, fate decides to conspire against me and the end-terms stand cancelled.

The Prof forgot to inform us that the paper was an Open Book one and that was the main cause of this hullabaloo. Well, in hindsight, I guess this is for my own good. This probably was the only way that I would ever touch those OM text books ever again in my life.

God only knows what Quant Techniques has in store for me in the afternoon.


Dilbert-speak: One of the techniques for persuasion involves giving people things they didn’t ask for, thus triggering a psychological need to reciprocate; then you sell them something they don’t want. People are so conditioned to giving something in return for receiving something that they have trouble in controlling the impulse.


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