Yin Yang – bang bang

In East Asian thought, yin and yang are the two complementary forces or principles that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.

Yin is earth, female, dark, passive, and absorbing; it is present in even numbers and in valleys and streams and is represented by the tiger, the colour orange, and a broken line.

Yang is heaven, male, light, active, and penetrating; it is present in odd numbers and mountains and is represented by the dragon, the colour azure, and an unbroken line.

Together they express the interdependence of opposites.

Basically the above concept seems to suggest that some things in life come only in pairs – good and evil, black and white, men and women, the sun and the moon, light and dark, active and passive, absorbing and penetrating, friends and foes, vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism, coffee and tea, coke and pepsi, lions and tigers, dogs and cats, rock and roll, jazz and blues, simon and garfunkel, rajnikanth and kamal hassan, mgr and sivaji ganesan, etc.

Continuing with this unending series of pairs, we had the Operations Management and the Quantitative Techniques mid-term papers yesterday. While Op Man papers were cancelled due to technicalities (read my earlier post below), the Quant Tech paper in the afternoon could be what is called a ‘pappoo’ paper in B School jargon. Loosely put it refers to an amazingly easy paper. Although I’m no authority on Quant Tech, the fact that I didn’t find it too screwy should speak volumes for the easiness of the paper.


Dilbert-speak: The first step in evaluating a vendor’s product is to figure out who in your company is related to the vendor, who is sleeping with the vendor, who got bribed by the vendor, who is best friends with the vendor, and who hopes to someday work with the vendor. If any of these people are you, or someone in higher management, the evaluation is greatly simplified. You declare that it’s one helluva good product and buy it.


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