Some of it + the rest of it = all of it

As things stand right now, we have around 6 odd projects and assignments running parallel in various study groups. Here’s an indicative description of them –

Marketing project – brand in the media industry
Strategic Planning project – company in the hardware industry
Organization Analysis project – workflow in a bank
Finance assignment – calculation of the industry and company beta in the Auto Ancillaries industry
Developments in World and Indian Economy – assignment on various economic systems in the world

The above are in addition to the usual shit load of pre-readings, post-readings and cramming for surprise quizzes, announced quizzes, modest reading attempts to give some ‘quality’ class participation. Well, the list can go on and on and on.

At first I thought I would do some of the work, then I thought I would delegate some of the work and do the rest of it, but then I guess it’s just going to end up with me doing all the work. As the saying goes, “Some of it plus the rest of it is all of it”.

But the irony of it all is that I seem to be enjoying the pressure of the situation. As another saying goes, “When rape is inevitable, you might as well enjoy it”.


Dilbert-speak: Most vendor comparisons involve an expensive alternative that has only a few problems versus a cheaper alternative with lots of problems. So there’s always something to love about every choice. Therefore a skilled weasel can get approval for anything by emphasizing the positives. The important thing is to avoid wasting time trying to get approval for a doomed alternative.

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