Sporting moments in the Summer

Although I’ve always been a great believer of sports being the best integrator, some recent incidents on the playing field have left me wondering if it is really so. For example, one small shove on the soccer field converts two acquaintances into enemies for life, all because both of them are ultra-competitive. I guess this is a result of taking yourselves too seriously.

Whenever I used to play sport, I used to ensure that I never took either myself, the opposition or the game itself too seriously. I noticed that whenever either of these happened, I stopped enjoying the entire process of participation itself. For me, the fun aspect of the sport took prime spot and I always ensured that it stayed that way. I guess that’s why I was never ever too successful at any game. Call me a loser, but then I prefer it this way.

Life back here on the hill has been awesome for the past few days, what with submissions of Term 3 getting over by the dozen, and the Term breaks approaching real fast. To add icing to the cake, I’m actually going to Bangalore for my Summers and I guess there could be no better news during the past few months. Watch out Bangalore, here I come, with a vengeance.



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