Finished with Fin !!!

My mini tryst with the wonderful field of study called Finance is officially over, with the exception of a small end-term which I should hopefully float through, even though the waters are quite turbulent.

Although I initially arrived on the hill that is IIM Indore with the aspirations and anticipation of specialising in this particular functional area, some experiences, both inside and outside the classrooms as well as deep introversion brought out two important findings – one was that I wasn’t cut out for Finance by any angle, b coz it demanded too much discipline and too much of sitting with books and formulas for the rest of my life, which I simply wasn’t prepared for, and two was that I was more of a people kind of guy, in terms of interactions, being sensitised to others’ needs, blah, blah, blah. Therefore, as things stand right now, Marketing is the preferred area of specialisation for me.

In fact, I’ve gone so overboard with this Marketing thing right now that I pretty much am the only guy on campus who has chosen all the Marketing electives that the institute has to offer this year. Hopefully, this deep dive into Marketing pays off. In any case, I love the subject too much to feel any discomfort. Plus, I intend making a career in marketing anyways. So nothing lost on that front.



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