Examinations suck!!!

I dunno if this post is the result of an overdose of end term exams back here on the hill, or a figment of my frustrations with the evaluation pattern largely followed in India. I just hate examinations.

My personal opinion is that exams are about being able to cram stuff up and vomit them out on the answer sheet during the 2/3 hr time period in that stupid examination hall. Back here in India, people swear by this system. Parents, teachers, even the doodhwala seems to have an opinion that if a student doesn’t get decent marks in an exam, well, his future is doomed. For a son to be a good son, for a student to be a good student, for a whatever to be a good whatever, he has to do his exams well. Hello people!!! I mean, c mon, wake up to the fact that this system has reduced to an exercise in who can cram well, it has become more of an memory retention exercise rather than an analytical/conceptual testing exercise.

I dunno what alternatives are there to this system, especially considering the huge number of students that have to be evaluated all over the place. But this I know for sure, that the present system of evaluation of students by conducting monthly tests, end term exams, et al, is not going to take us anywhere on the value chain of education.



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