Goodbye to Team Avon

Nostalgic is one word to describe one of the many emotions that is running through me nowadays. Now that Term 3 and in effect PGP 1 is drawing to a close on the hilltop, I will in all probability be separated from good friends in the form on my work group, that we fondly referred to as Team Avon during the past 9 odd months.

Considering the fact that some of my team mates are going to be taking up hardcore Fin courses, and with some of them going in for IT courses as well during PGP 2, the chances of us working together as a full strength team are extremely bleak. But then, I guess there’ll still be some of us who’ll be taking up at least some of the Marketing courses that I’ve opted for and hopefully we should be able to team up again for some more good times.

But then, I guess this is gut check time. I can finally find out whether I’m as effective in any group as I was in this particular one. B School life, at least at the IIMs is as much about working in groups, as it is an individual effort. Plus, this probably is the only place where group dynamics play a more important role than individual efforts do. PGP 2 therefore, provides an awesome avenue to test out all my group activity studies, and experiments, without too much at stake.

Watch out PGP 2, here I come. In the meantime, let me get back to my Kotler and Peter Doyle, considering that I have a Marketing End-term coming up at 1430 hrs today.


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