Widows and smoking

I just finished reading “The Village of Widows” by Ravi Shankar Etteth. Quite a good book, I must say. The plot revolves around two characters, Jay Samorin and Anna Singh, both of whom are affected by deaths and murders in their pasts and both trying to seek revenge against evil in their own ways. The author flits between the present and the past quite beautifully and the narrative is almost like the screenplay of a good movie. All in all a good read and I would surely recommend the book for people who like to read murder mystery books.

Another thing which has been bothering me during the recent past is all this hoopla and fuss about banning smoking in movies. As far as I am concerned (being a smoker myself) I feel that it really doesn’t make a difference whether Rajnikanth (of for that matter Shah Rukh) smokes on screen or not. It is my opinion that today most youngsters are informed enough to realise that smoking is injurious to health and that they would not be too affected by whether their favorite hero/villain smokes on screen or not. The Govt. would be better off by addressing bigger issues of the day rather than troubling poor film-makers by making them display a statutory warning whenever any character lights up on screen.

The funny part of this entire episode would be a hero mouthing the words “Smoking kills” when he kills a villain who is in the process of savoring an expensive Cuban cigar. That would be rib-tickling to say the least. I would love to see South Indian demi-gods like Rajni and Chiru mouth these dialogues when they shoot the villain in the climax scenes.



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