Indians suck at marketing

Capsules of “Memory Plus” being advertised and sold at chemists and druggists, when their main targete audience are students who mainly would visit stationers, and spend most of their time at schools.

Castrol being advertised in magazines like India Today and channels like ESPN and Star Sports, when a majority of its end-users like auto drivers and truck drivers are not even exposed to media like these.

The above are two (well actually, the second one was thought up of by yours truly) just go to show how ill-informed and absolutely stupid marketers, we as Indians are. This was the gist of the just concluded Services Marketing class. The Prof. gave these and many more examples, and cited many more such instances, to make the point that we Indians as consumers, and as marketers are an absolutely incompetent lot, and there is absolutely no point in harping marketing jargon such as Brand Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Services Marketing for that matter.

He went on to tell us that the system is slowly collapsing and both consumers and marketers are losing out in the process. He made us think as to where things were going wrong. I m not saying that I m a wiser man after the session, but then at least I m thinking now, which is more than I can say than before the session.

It is quite rare that a Prof. gives so much food for thought. And that is probably why this course is going to be some freaky fun to do.



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